What You Need to Know About Hiring a Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Without a doubt, pregnancy is an amazingly special time that passes all too quickly.

Preserving the memory of this extraordinary season and the adorable fruits of your labor is something to give serious consideration. We can rely on the services of a professional maternity photographer to capture these moments with stunning clarity. 

However, those who are uncomfortable in front of the camera or who haven’t enjoyed a photoshoot before may be reluctant to go this route. If this sounds like you, read on for some tips about hiring a maternity photographer during your pregnancy and for your newborn. 

Decide What You Prefer

Like wedding photographs, there are sure to be certain artistic styles and ideas that you have seen and fallen in love with. The best maternity photographers will be all too happy to work with your personal ideas and preferences for the perfect result. 

Chat with your friends and family about maternity photographers that they have used. Ask them what they would do differently, and if they have any ideas that they would like to share. Pinterest and Instagram are brilliant sources of inspiration where you can save images and ideas to discuss with your partner.

While you’re planning, give some thought to the location and background that you want, not forgetting to factor in weather conditions at the time. Outdoor locations are wonderful but not as private as some would prefer. Your home may offer a certain intimate privacy but may lose the light and vibrancy you would gain outside. Allow yourself to be guided by your photographer.

Get the Timing Right

Plan ahead. While some prefer to map their progress during their pregnancy, others just want to remember that gorgeous baby bump right at the end. This means noting the dates and factoring in the availability of your chosen photographer.

Many maternity shoots take place during the 32nd and 38th weeks of pregnancy. This is when your tummy is beautifully rounded but you’re not too uncomfortable to strike a pose. 

Hire a Professional

These few months are incredibly special and will never be repeated. A professional maternity photographer will have the experience and equipment to extract the real essence of this extraordinary time.

They will be able to offer advice on things that you may not have previously considered. This may include your choice of clothing, various poses, props, and ways of including your partner in the pictures. They will be able to create a mood of gentle calm or excitement and fun.

Look for online reviews or ask for recommendations to make sure that you’re hiring the right person for what you need.

Let’s Get You Started!

If you know what to expect before searching online for “maternity photographer near me,” then this process will be a lot easier for you. A little planning and preparation with your partner will go a long way towards ensuring the best result.

The best choice of maternity photographer will be someone experienced who knows how to bring out the beauty and intimacy of these special moments. We invite you to take a look through some of our previous shoots to get an idea of what we can offer you and your family. You’ll find our maternity and newborn photography pricing here or reach out to us through our session booking page if you have any questions.


5 Unique Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

In the moment, your nine months of pregnancy may seem like an eternity. But that time will be gone before you know it! 

Keeping the memories of those moments forever set in a maternity photoshoot is so important in anticipation of your newborn. Not only will they allow you to look back on those memories, but they are memories you will be able to share with your friends, your family, and your baby when they have grown! 

With over 3.6 million babies born in the US in 2020, and over 130 million born worldwide, more women than ever need professional photographers to help them uniquely capture those magical moments. Finding the right maternity photographer in the Bay Area (or Nevada) will ensure those memories are taken in the most beautiful and unique ways possible.

Here are 5 unique maternity ideas to try out with your maternity photographer today: 

1. Take Advantage of Location

Outdoor locations provide beautiful backdrops for stunning maternity photography. Your location is unique to you, so take advantage of the local wonders!

Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire could make incredible shoot locations for those who live near Las Vegas, NV. In the East Bay Area there are all sorts of outdoor areas to shoot in, such as Mt. Diablo or Shell Ridge.

2. Keep it Cozy

Often there is so much prep that goes into making the baby’s room the perfect place for your precious newborn. Why not keep the memories of the room alive by having your maternity photography session indoors in your baby’s very own room?

Doing a small session in your own bedroom or in other cozy locations around the house will also make your photos unique and vibrantly keep the memories of that specific season and location in your life. 

3. Take Advantage of the Light

Lighting is so important to capture stunning photographs. If you want to be outdoors, tell your maternity photographer that you want to try taking advantage of weather that is a little more stormy for a very moody maternity photoshoot. Gentle morning light and the vibrancy of a setting sun can also set your maternity photos apart.

The advantages of light can be useful both indoor and outdoor. Any shoot by a window will create beautiful photos with the sun rays streaming through or gently filtering through the curtains to give a soft touch to your shoot.

4. Involve the Family

Do you have other kids? A partner? Involve your family in your maternity photoshoot for heartfelt memories. Generational photoshoots can also be a unique aspect of maternity photography, showcasing the lineage that your child is being born into.

5. Action Shots 

Playing with your kids, walking with your partner, or doing anything normal in your everyday life will make your photos very natural and specific to you. Does your family enjoy playing board games? Playing in the park? Having tickle fights? Do those things in your maternity photoshoot!  

What Unique Ideas Will You Try With Your Maternity Photographer?

Most importantly, let your photographer’s style shine, and don’t be afraid to try new things! This season of pregnancy and your coming newborn is an important time of your life, one to be documented and celebrated! 

With years of experience and an impressive gallery to show for it, Jesikka High Photography will make sure you receive the best care and most unique photos to capture this season of your life. Get in touch with Jesikka to book your maternity photographer today!


5 Great Reasons for Hiring a Maternity Photographer

There is no experience more unique than having a child. 

Your special one is just months away from being brought into the world. Luckily, all that time can be documented. How great you look, how great your family looks, and the joy that is yet to come. 

For that, the one thing to do is to hire a maternity photographer. Here are some of the best reasons to hire one to document your pregnancy. 

Documentation of a Temporary Time

Pregnancy is an incredibly short time, lasting just under a year. Like many things as short, it can go by in a flash. So, why not document it? 

Maternity and newborn photography is a great idea to capture the emotions, happiness, and time spent in pictures. After all, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliche for a reason!

No Limits to the Amount of Creativity 

A great maternity photographer has a keen eye on what will look good on camera. After all, they do this for a living! 

Not only will they make any pregnant woman or newborn look incredible, they will also have an infinite amount of ideas on how to do it creatively. They know the best ways to make their subjects look incredible. 

Newborn and maternity photographers do an excellent job photographing your pregnancy and that special person brought into the world.

A Great Time for Bonding

Maternity photography is by no means a singular experience. The whole family can be involved!

Not only does the mother get to be photographed, but the significant other and even the new baby’s siblings. The possibilities are endless! They are an integral part of the family and should be included, allowing for the process of bonding to be even stronger. 

While the mother or newborn is the star of the show, any maternity photographer knows how to include other loved ones as well.   

Safety is Always a Priority 

There always needs to be a level of security taken around newborns and pregnant women. Safety is not something that must be taken lightly or left out entirely. 

Maternity photographers know how to safely photograph both pregnant women as well as newborns. It is a significant part of the job and any great maternity and newborn photographer will know how to safely do their job. 

Proper Editing and Care  

Sure, anybody can take pictures of anything these days, including their newborn or pregnancy. There is no telling if the pictures will come out well or will be a washout. 

This couldn’t be closer to the truth when hiring a maternity and newborn photographer. They have the equipment, the lighting, the props, and the right eye to get that right snapshot that just looks good and translates better.

While anyone can pick up a camera and take any picture they want, it’s best to let the professionals handle it instead.

Get Great Results with a Maternity Photographer

There is nobody better to capture the delight and jubilation of being months away from a new member of the family or finally showcasing your new child.  

Hiring a maternity photographer will pay off and create lasting memories easily seen in the photographs. 

Book an experienced maternity and newborn photographer like Jesikka High who works with clients in both the greater Las Vegas area as well as the East Bay Area. 


Best Poses for Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions

There are 85.4 million mothers in the United States alone. Knowing how to pose for maternity and newborn photography in advance will increase your satisfaction with your photo shoot.

Around 4.3 babies are born each second. Stunning photographs are the most memorable way to honor both newborns and mothers alike.

You deserve to have photos that highlight the beauty of both your pregnancy and your newborn baby. Certain poses make it easier to capture this beauty more than others do.

Here are the best poses for a newborn or maternity photoshoot.

Standing vs. Sitting Poses

First thing’s first: If you have any physical limitations concerning poses, please let your photographer know immediately. There are plenty of simple standing/sitting poses that are both comfortable and accessible.

If you look at the maternity gallery, you’ll find poses that involve either standing up or sitting down. It all depends on which type(s) of poses are most comfortable and appealing to you.

You could do standing profile shots that provide a view of you from the side. Profile shots look extra elegant if you wear a lace gown or drape a dreamy veil/cloth around your body. Both of these options accentuate your baby bump while creating an ethereal vibe in your photos.

Try posing while sitting or lying down with your hands in a heart shape around your belly. This classic pose will bring out the feels in your family and friend circle.

Keep it Natural

Start with your photographer by smiling and looking down at your baby bump. Then, begin rubbing your baby bump all over while tenderly speaking to your baby. Using your hands ensures the focus of the pregnancy photos remains on your belly.

If you find yourself fumbling, visualize what it would be like to finally meet your baby. As you imagine this, let your words and expressions flow naturally. It’ll make your pregnancy photoshoot look and feel more authentic.

Have the photographer take pictures of you with your baby bump from a 45-degree angle. This angle emphasizes your baby bump’s silhouette, even if it’s not that big (yet). Either way, an experienced photographer will know which angles flatter your poses the most.

Newborn Poses

Newborn photography involves having a comfortable and attractive setup. Placing your baby in a fancy basket or antique drawer with beautiful padding is enough to create perfect newborn poses.

The iconic “tushy up” pose imitates the way newborns sleep, which is why it’s so comfortable for them. You’ll find multiple examples of this pose in my newborn gallery.

The frog pose is another classic option. Simply place your baby’s legs side by side and position their arms/hands. When the baby looks like they’re leaning forward like a frog about to leap, their frog pose is correct.

Strike the Right Pose for Maternity and Newborn Photography

Women are more likely to become mothers now than we were a decade ago. Maternity and newborn photography showcase the romantic side of motherhood.

Remember: Mother Nature provides plenty of opportunities for unique shots. Consider striking your poses outdoors by an aesthetic tree, flower patch, or path in nature.Give yourself a reason to smile—book a session now. The results will make your family and friends smile, too.


5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Best Maternity Photographer in Las Vegas, NV

Pregnancy is a magical time, and many people want to preserve it forever with maternity photos. Finding the right photographer for your maternity and newborn photography is essential to getting the perfect photos.

Not every photographer in Las Vegas, NV is the same. You need someone that specializes in maternity photos. Your current pregnancy will never happen again, and you want to show how your body changed and create a treasured memory.

A pregnant woman is beautiful, and you need someone that can capture that beauty. Here are five tips on how to choose a maternity photographer.

1. Maternity and Newborn Photography Style

When it comes to maternity and newborn photography styles, there are many different types. Do you know the type you want? Do you want to choose from a variety?

Do you want something casual in a studio? Do you want something artistic outside? Find a photographer that matches the style you like. Check out some of their existing photos in that style and see if you like them.

The right style can bring a whole new light to your maternity photoshoot.

2. Is Your Maternity Photographer Experienced?

The experience of your photographer has a dramatic impact on the final product. You need someone that works fast because your body changes every day. You need someone with the knowledge and experience to deal with lighting issues, angles, and digital editing.

It’s not just the overall experience you need to look at. You need to know their experience specifically with maternity and newborn photos. If most of their portfolio is senior pictures and sports teams, then they don’t have the experience you need.

Unless the few maternity photos they have are exactly what you want, choose someone else.

3. Personality Counts in Maternity Photos

The key to a great photoshoot is creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You want to be in a good mood and enjoy the experience. The last thing you want is to feel pressured or anxious. A great photographer makes you feel like you’ve known them forever.

Many pregnant women don’t feel attractive later in the pregnancy and it can be difficult to feel happy about being photographed. An experienced photographer can set your mind at ease and make sure every angle flatters your body.

4. Check Out Their Work Quality

The photographer’s portfolio is a history of their work. When looking through them, ask yourself if these are pictures you want people to see. Did they have too many filters or didn’t get the lighting right.

You know what makes a good picture, so trust your gut. If they look too retouched or aren’t good quality, then don’t risk choosing that photographer.

5. Price for Your Maternity Shoot

Looking for a maternity photographer in the Nevada area can be daunting. You’ll find photographers of all different prices. You don’t want to overpay, but you also don’t want to get bad photos because you chose a cheap photographer.

With photography, a higher price usually means more experienced or specialized photography. If you can’t afford those high rates, then choose one that’s within your price range.

Find out what you get in each quote to determine value.

Enjoy Your Maternity Photography

There is something sacred and special about maternity and newborn photography. You’re on the verge of adding new life to the world and want to capture it in your pregnancy photos. Take the time to find the right maternity photographer, and you’ll love the results.If you want to learn more about maternity shoots, then book a session today.


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